Annual International

Symposium on Healthcare Innovation 2019 



The Haven Resort,

Bali, Indonesia


13-14 March 2019



Two days of ideas, research, concepts and innovations exploring approaches to patient care. The two-day event includes plenaries, site visits, workshops and breakouts session presented by clinicians from around the region, for clinicians from around the world. 

Featuring the clinicians and academics that will lead the industry in the future, this event will promote engagement, networking and, importantly, provide an open forum for conversations on health care, education and technology.

The workshops and breakout sessions are built on a coaching/ mentoring approach, to facilitate skills transfer and enhance attendee’s ability to publish, speak, teach and/or lead. The facilitators are from multiple countries in the region and bring significant experience in their own speciality.

Each activity is designed to build upon your career, enhance your knowledge and strengthen your international collegial networks

Boring speakers      Hours of talking
Death by Powerpoint        Same old speakers
Inflexible agenda 

The Venue: The Haven Bali

We selected this property as it was very well located and well priced for the awesome facilities. The Haven sits alongside the chic shopping strips and eclectic mixture of urban dining and party venues of Seminyak. The Haven Bali is a 9-minute walk from the beach. It is an elegant hotel that boasts a swimming pool and 2 dining options. Rated 8.4/10 on 8.2/10 on Agoda and 4/5 (80%) on Tripadvisor. (Participants may wish to stay at any alternative accommodation)

Invited Speakers

Ariesta Milanti, RN

Ariesta Milanti, RN



Mei Sun Chong, RN

Mei Sun Chong, RN

Aldin D. Gaspar, RN

Aldin D. Gaspar, RN

Wee Chee Ong, EMT(P)

Wee Chee Ong, EMT(P)

Rui Zhao, RN

Rui Zhao, RN

Craig Hooper, RN, AFCHSM (Australia)

Craig Hooper, RN, AFCHSM (Australia)

Karthikesu Karthijekan, RN

Karthikesu Karthijekan, RN

Reasons to attend

This seminar is designed to provide an international forum for nurses, paramedics and all other clinical professionals who have fresh ideas, including; innovation at the bedside, inspiration about traditional care or exploring new ways of looking at healthcare systems. This seminar provides a way for you to present, explore and engage with peers from around the region.


oh, and did I mention... BALI? 

plus..... these reasons....

Get Heard

Use this as an opportunity to present a paper, test out your topic or talk about your idea

Get Ideas

Optional (and free!) tours through healthcare facilities in Bali, including international hospitals, Balinese Nursing School and/or clinics.

Get Funded

Learn the tools, tricks and problems when are seeking reseacth funding

Get Connected

Network across your industry and around the world. Make connections that will help and support your future. Here's a tip- are you on Linkedin??

Get Published

We are told "Publish or Perish". Learn how to get that paper published, and where!

Get Inspired

Attendees are like you- they want to move and influence healthcare. Be inspired and supported by people with insight

Get Promoted

Join the session that examines career progression and how to move up in the industry.

Get Wet!

It's Bali!

It's not all work. Beaches, sun, swimming, shopping and a range of other stuff. It's a place to learn, develop and enjoy.


Registration includes:

  • The whole two-day event.

  • Tea breaks and lunch both days.

  • Clinical site visits.

  • Welcome Reception.

  • Transport to and from site visits.

  • Additional side workshops and sessions